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California real estate law can be complex

If you’re involved in a matter that includes the sale or purchase, exchange, financing, development or leasing of a piece of commercial real estate, then you are no doubt already involved with quite a few different personalities and stacks of paperwork. These are not simple cut-and-dried matters.

The wrong decision or overlooking a detail could have disastrous effects on your investment in California real estate, including the sale or acquisition of property. 1041 property exchanges are among the more complex but beneficial methods of acquiring new properties in California. This federal tax allowance enables you to retain your equity without paying capital gains taxes. However, you need to understand what qualifies a property for 1041 exchange. A San Diego real estate law attorney can help you determine if your goals align with 1041 tax code.

Construction on a piece of commercial real estate is full of legal hurdles. Contracts must be prepared to protect the interests of contractors and investors.

If you’re leasing an industrial property or office building, leases must be negotiated. Having a representative negotiate the details of your lease can prevent any unanticipated expenses. A negotiated commercial real estate lease could also save your company by ensuring repairs and options for the future are a part of the contract.

With all the moving parts that come into play with commercial real estate transactions and ownership, issues inevitably arise that will benefit from experienced counsel.

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As a solo practitioner, Michael works directly with you every step of the way. He knows California’s real estate laws, and when you work with him you’ll get the benefit of his more than four decades of experience on your side.

Michael holds a master’s degree in the laws of taxation, giving him insights into the best approach to your real estate matter. He supplies you with the information you need to make the best decisions about what will matter most in your real estate dealings.

If you’re considering a commercial real estate lease, let Michael review your contract before another drop of ink touches it. He can simplify the terms to ensure you are fully protected and that your interests are being met through these documents. If they aren’t, he will negotiate terms better suited to your needs.

No matter your real estate transaction goals, Michael Van Horne is ready to share his knowledge and guidance with you today.

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San Diego attorney Michael A. Van Horne represents an array of clients in real estate matters, including landlords, commercial tenants, developers, lenders and brokers. Regardless of your situation, you will find Michael’s experience beneficial to your real estate transaction goals. Call Michael offers a personal approach to commercial real estate transactions that relieves clients of the stress associated with these complex matters. Contact his office for a consultation to learn your options.