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Michael Van Horne

Business & Estate Planning Attorney in San Diego

Michael A. Van Horne approaches your issues from more than one direction. Using his more than 40 years of legal experience and depth of tax knowledge, he accounts for all benefits and possible setbacks, giving clients across California the best options available.

“You can’t fully understand your options without taking into account the tax considerations of how and when you would do something - whether it’s personal or in business.”

-Michael Van Horne

Using tax knowledge to make informed decisions

Taxes aren’t everything, but they cut across so many things you encounter and can affect what you do with your business, what property you sell or buy, and what you choose to do with your assets and estate. Your options are made clearer if you know how taxes and your decisions about the future align. Whether it’s for personal or business matters, you may have benefits within the tax code that could improve the outcome of your actions. But to know these, you need an attorney dedicated to understanding the complexities of the federal, state and local tax codes.

A small percentage of attorneys are CPAs, but even fewer have the tax knowledge of Michael Van Horne. With a master’s degree in the laws of taxation, this San Diego attorney will not only use his understanding of tax law, he’ll explain so you understand it, too. He’s worked for accountants but is not a tax attorney; Michael’s experience is much broader than that. His focus is on the finer details to protect your big picture.

"Your legal issues get my personal attention."

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Estate Planning

Without a will or trust, you may be risking your business, real estate and the very future of your family. Wills and trusts protect what’s important to you. Learn more about estate planning.
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Business Law

Businesses are more than simple transactions. All liabilities must be accounted for from the creation of a business through its sale to other parties. Learn more about business law.
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Real Estate Law

Selling a commercial property or investing in a property as a developer calls for a strict understanding of local zoning and tax laws. Learn more about real estate law.
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Personally guiding individuals and families through the many choices, options and challenges.

Many attorneys work almost independently of their clients. This can leave you feeling in the dark, worried your interests aren’t being seen to as you had planned. This is how larger law firms operate, making it difficult for you to even speak with the person responsible for some of the biggest moves in your life; you’re left to waiting in the dark for the results.

Michael Van Horne’s San Diego law office doesn’t work for you, it works with you. Michael collaborates and communicates openly with you to ensure you understand the entire process. You will have peace of mind in knowing what to expect and where you stand. If you have any questions, you have direct access to your attorney so he can fill you in.